Unlocking Cambodian Women’s Potential through Fiscal Space Creation

Photo: © UN in Cambodia/2021/Sreysros Keo

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Start: 2021-01-01
End: 2021-12-30


Underpinned by the LNOB principle, the objective of the programme is to support the women owned M/SMEs, predominantly operating in the informal sector, for their recovery from the COVID-19 and their turning into the driving force for accelerating Cambodia’s recovery from COVID-19 and the SDG achievement.


To do so, the programme will support the RGC and the central bank to introduce policy and innovative financial solutions in the form of credit guarantee scheme, which has never existed in the country before COVID-19, to provide low-cost and reliable financing to M/SME businesses. The design and roll out of the scheme will ensure maximising participation and benefits of women owned M/SMEs (SDG 5). Business that are more labour intensive or require lower skilled labour, including for economic migrants, will also be targeted to ensure the investments have the maximum effect in reducing poverty and increasing employment (SDG 10 and 1).


Implementation Partner: Cambodia Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGCC) and Ministry of Economy and Finance (MoEF)

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